3D Printers: An Endless way to Create Objects for Your Projects

3D printing has become so popular nowadays that various enterprises regard it as their niche. This is because there is now a demand for this product. Better yet, hobbyists or experts produce the extremely one-off and specialized components in that regard. Because of the latest products that have been created, thanks to technology, 3D printing is definitely moving forward and heading toward the mainstream route.

With various 3D printers, you can produce intricate pieces on your home 3D printer. You do not need a high spec model, neither do you need industrial 3D printers. These printers provide more power, performance and speed and there are more and more community spaces that have 3D printers. Even local shops can afford these printers. In doing so, they deliver the technology that is demanded by the mass market.

3D printing is going mainstream simply because it enters three key trends.

1. Personalization

We have a more earnest desire for branding and personalization. Individuals want to show their uniqueness and are willing to pay as much as they can afford for it. It could be sculpture or jewelry, whatever the object – 3D printing is there for the job.

2. Need for precision

The boundaries of the possible are pushed back. Medical science can do the impossible and miniaturization shrinks the size of everyday objects, making them more complex. 3D printing enables precisely made replacement bones to be created for medical use, as well as significant parts of intricate jet engines. All of these are high value and the similar methods can be used on mundane application. For example, taking spare parts from the consumer goods, you must buy a replacement from the manufacturer – but at such an expensive rate. It also depends whether you can track the manufacturer of that part. It is possible to print the replacement by 3D printing but this obviously infringes the copyright. It is difficult for original manufacturers to find that out and prosecute the perpetrator.

3. Infrastructure in the Cloud

Because of the Internet, Cloud and smartphones, a complete and cost-effective infrastructure supports 3D printing. It is possible to take high resolution photos with smartphones and upload these and turn into product plans through immense processing power that is available in Cloud. If running out of inspiration, it is easy to find and download the plans for just about anything that can be done personally.

That being said, there are DIY 3D printers which make it possible for those who cannot afford the actual models to have their own. DIY 3D printers can cost as much as $1,000 and as low as $100.

With this modernization of 3D printers, what are the markets that can be disrupted? Recent announcements point two that have the most potential. Jet engines are made experimentally through 3D printing. It also has the benefit of producing a bulk quantity with less waste. Like many technologies 3D printing will not only change existing markets but also spawn new ones that have not yet been concretized.


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