How Much are 3D Printers

With such demand for 3D printers, it makes sense to do the needed research before investing in one. Depending on the model and its use, the prices of 3D printers vary. It can range from affordable to up the roof. Because of its mainstream population, 3D printers are manufactured for the use of enthusiasts, students, homeowners and those who need it for their businesses.

Enterprises can afford 3D printers but most individuals cannot. Even if 3D printing technology is beyond the price range and budget of most individuals, this quickly changes as the technology becomes more widespread. This results to the product becoming more accessible and affordable.

3D printers for enterprises cost around $2,000. These are the top-notch models that can create 3D objects effectively and efficiently in a commercial production. This price may be out of reach for most people but manufacturers of printers are recognizing these and have come up with models that are affordable. Various stores are now selling 3D printers especially targeted for homeowners and students who wish to create 3D but cannot afford the models for businesses. Printers for home and school use are fully assembled, portable and take little space on a desktop. It installs easily on Mac and Windows computers. The average price of these kinds of 3D printers cost $1299.99 on average. It is able to print items with an average of 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches (14 x 14 x 14 cm) and in various colors.

$1299.99 may still be expensive for the average user but this is the most affordable and efficient 3D printer that is available in the market today. These models are here to stay and as long as there are people who respond to the demand, there will always be a supply. Over time, as 3D printers become more and more commercialized, there is a possibility that cheaper models will be created and sold in the stores. This will make it more accessible for those who demand it.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will rush out and buy a 3D printer and start creating their own 3D models. This technology continues to impact society so innovative people have come up with their own DIY models that deliver

the same results at a most affordable rate. These DIY 3D printers range from $100 to $1000.

3D Printer Price Ranges:

FlashForge 3d Printer – $900 –  $1,400

XYZprinting 3D Printer – $500 – $800

ROBO 3D Printer – $750 – $1,200

LulzBot 3D Printer – $500 – $2,000

MakerGear – $1,500 and up

Printrbot – $300 – $1,000

This is testament that with the demand comes the supply and because of the popularity of 3D printers, the innovation of manufacturers come into the picture and they contribute by helping these potential clients afford a printer of their own. This leads to 3D printers being accessible for homeowners, students, owners of small businesses and big kahunas of enterprises and companies. Who knows? Maybe 3D printers will eventually be cheaper and affordable over time.

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