Top 10 Websites to Download Free STL Models

STL Models (Standard Tessellation Language) is a file format that is supported by many other software packages. It is widely used for computer-aided manufacturing and rapid prototyping. STL files describe the surface geometry of three-dimensional object without any representation of texture, color or other common CAD model attributes. The STL format specifies both ASCII and binary representations. The binary files are more common because they are more compact.

Here are 10 websites that offer free downloads of STL models for your 3D printers.

1. Thingiverse

This website allows users to upload and then share the 3D model files that are made for 3D printers. It is one of the most popular sites where a number of people upload their files. There are varying categories so it is quite enjoyable to look for cool things to print.

2. YouMagine

This site started in 2013 and contains various and interesting pictures and things to print. The community of enthusiasts continues to grow and there is an increase on the pictures that they are looking for.

3. Cubify

Cubify is the website for the Cube series of 3D printer enthusiasts and clients. THis is created by 3D systems. The website offers files and printed items and it also provides free items. Check out the Kids section. They also have the feature that allows the children to use these free items as a web app.

4. Pinshape

Pinshape is a model marketplace for 3D images that are available in beta and is like that of Pinterest in terms of style and layout as well as look and its feature to repin favorites. Users can puchase the model from the actual designer or download the files in order to print these themselves.

5. GrabCAD

GrabCAD’s main goal is to help the engineers develop the products faster, offers the tools in order to collaborate with the files. As for the 3D printing enthusiast, the best feature of the site is that large library of free files are created by the community of over a million engineers. Users are required to register but it is worth doing so in order to get the bountiful files.

6. Sproutform

Sproutform is a 3D printing community that is dedicated to giving users ways that let them help people print 3D creations and at the same time share their designs with one another. Its system tries to learn what the users like. The more the user interacts with the site by downloading and rating designs, the more their profile is recommended.

7. Autodesk 123D

Autodesk 123D is a suite of CAD or computer aided design along with 3D modeling tools that are specifically targetting hobbyists. Users can upload their creations and also share it with other fellow enthusiasts.

8. Repables

Repables is a site that has a goal to be the repository of 3D printed model files. It is a website that lets users upload their files, share and download them as well. The site has small, simple 3D models along with a nice selection of everyday items and parts for printers.

9. Cubehero

Cubehero is a site that lets users host and organize 3D printed project that aid further collaboration on the work. It is a hub for 3D printing where users can share files, discuss projects and contribute to one another.

10. Bld3r

Proclaiming itself as the 3D Printing Social Network is a thriving community of enthusiasts and makers who feature their creations. Users can vote on their best creations so the popular ones get better exposure because they are raised to the top.


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